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Experience a symphony of flavours with this captivating chocolate creation that is testament to our dedication to creating unique and unforgettable chocolate experiences.


We've artfully combined the subtle heat of Gochugaru chilli with the rich, complex sweetness of Black Honey (Kuromitsu) to craft a chocolate experience that's both daring and delightful.


Gochugaru, a mild chilli with delicate floral notes, adds a gentle kick that awakens your taste buds without overwhelming them. Complimenting this fiery touch is the unmistakable essence of Black Honey, a Japanese cane sugar syrup cherished for its distinct, liquorice-like flavour.

But what makes our Black Honey truly special is its traditional production method, preserving its original nutrients and depth of taste.

To create this exceptional chocolate, we've paired these extraordinary ingredients with the finest 74% dark chocolate from the lush landscapes of Madagascar.


The result is a tantalizing blend of sweet and spicy, with a touch of decadence from the exotic cocoa beans of Madagascar.


Truly worthy of it's recent award from the Academy of Chocolate.

Korean Chilli & Black honey domes

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  • Contains: lactose, soya


    Our chocolates are freshly made in small batches without the use of any artificial preservatives.


    Best enjoyed within six weeks of receipt.

    Store cool, dry and away from direct sunlight.


    Produced in a kitchen that handles: gluten, nuts, peanuts, eggs and sesame.


    Please contact us for any dietary requirements.

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